Urban Edibles

A community databas of wild food sources in Portland, Oregon

Urban Edibles is a cooperative network of wild food foragers. By creating awareness about what is available in our neighborhoods, we hope to re-establish the connection between people, environment and food.

806 sources and counting...


Ultimately it is your responsibility to gain a positive identification of the plants listed on this site. Consult multiple resources, beware of "poisonous look-alikes," and be judicious when choosing grounds for harvest as the urban environment is often tainted with chemicals. Remember, the paramount rule of harvesting wild edibles is: "If in doubt, don't!"


Hello and welcome to Urban Edibles. We are a non-profit based out of Portland, Oregon. In essence, we provide resources for those interested in wild edible, medicinal and otherwise notable plants. We occasionally host events, workshops, and presentations as well as publish small-print “field zines.” Much of our presence, however, is online. Here’s how to use our website:

1. Check out the wild foods map. Navigate your way through an online garden filled with wild edible and medicinal plants growing in the Portland area. You may search for plants by location (i.e. check out what’s growing in your neighborhood), browse by category (what plant are you looking for today?) or contribute to the map by adding a source (got some dandelions growing in your front yard?). Contributions are made to the map by foragers and landowners alike. Check out the Ethics section to understand protocol for contributions made to the map.

2. Check out the wiki. It’s like Wikipedia with a twist. The Urban Edibles wiki is an open-source encyclopedia dedicated to edible, medicinal and otherwise notable plants. However, don’t let this framework be a limitation. A range of topics are possible here. Things like herbal preparations, wild foods recipes, urban forestry issues, ethnobotany, poisonous look-alikes, earthen poetry…these would all make great additions to the wiki. The sky is the limit. Share knowledge on the Urban Edibles wiki and PLEASE cite your sources.

3. Join the discussion list. The Urban Edibles discussion list serves as an e-mail forum for topics with a more immediate sensibility. These are things like neighborhood scouting missions, workshops, speaking engagements, etc. By joining the discussion list, one is able to post as well as receive e-mails from the discussion group.

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scouting your hood

Eucalyptus wonderland!
  • Bring a notepad, a buddy, and take it slow.
  • Write down the source type and the nearest street address or intersection.
  • Include any relevant details including:
    • Accessibility: How easy is it to get to? Is it partly in someone's yard?
    • How bountiful is the source? Pick conservativly or go all-out?
    • The specific variety if known (Braeburn Apple, Malus domestica, "Red/yellowish ones", etc.)
    • How does it taste?

Julie and Michael discovered that using a cell phone to record source data works really well! Check these out:

Grapes   Get the Flash to hear this.

Walnut Tree   Get the Flash to hear this.

Silk Tree   Get the Flash to hear this.